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Who is Great-West Funds, Inc.?

Great-West Funds, Inc. (Great-West Funds) is an open-end investment company that has been in existence for over 30 years. We offer more than 50 mutual funds covering a broad spectrum of asset classes, investment styles and strategies.

Great-West Funds encompass active and passive strategies, target date and target risk asset allocation funds, and funds with guaranteed income solutions. Great-West Capital Management, LLC, (GWCM) serves as the investment adviser to Great-West Funds. GWCM has a long track record and manages more than $69 billion in assets as of 12/31/2020 consisting of Great-West Funds, Inc., collective investment trusts offered by Great-West Trust Company, LLC, stable value and general account products and insurance company separate accounts. The majority of the Great-West Funds are subadvised. These subadvisors are responsible for the investment and reinvestment of Fund assets and for making decisions to buy, sell, or hold any particular security.

Great-West Funds Approach

Great-West Funds seeks to achieve consistent performance by effectively managing and partnering with premier investment managers with proven track records. We establish high standards and monitor the managers using our disciplined and documented oversight methodology, without a bias for proprietary managers or funds.

Through our ongoing due diligence process of quantitative and qualitative performance and other risk measures and analytics, you can be confident that Great-West Funds offers the trusted guardianship you want and expect from a mutual fund partner.

For our target date funds, GWCM, the investment adviser for Great-West Funds, has partnered with Morningstar Investment Management LLC, an independent investment adviser, to help determine strategic asset allocations that assist investors in reaching their retirement goals.

Our approach provides an added level of comfort that comes from knowing your assets are managed by premier investment managers from the asset management industry.

Shares of the Funds of Great-West Funds, Inc. (Great-West Funds) are sold only through their currently effective prospectuses. Shares of certain Funds are not available to the general public but are offered only to insurance company separate accounts for certain variable annuity contracts and variable life policies, to individual retirement account (IRA) custodians or trustees, and to plan sponsors of certain qualified retirement plans. Certain Funds are also available to college savings programs and to asset allocation funds that are series of Great-West Funds. For those Funds that are not available to the general public, an individual investor cannot purchase shares of the Funds directly; rather, he or she must own a variable annuity contract, variable life insurance policy or IRA, or participate in a qualified retirement plan or college savings program that makes one or more of the Funds available for investment.

Securities underwritten by GWFS Equities, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, an affiliate of Great-West Funds, Inc.; Great-West Trust Company, LLC; and registered investment advisers Advised Assets Group, LLC and Great-West Capital Management, LLC, marketed under the Great-West Investments™ brand. GWCM is the investment adviser to Great-West Funds, Inc.

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